Oysters. Snow. 10K. Leg Warmers. – Life In Pictures #11

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Here we go!

paleo book sale

You don’t want to miss this!

A reminder of the $1 Paleo Book event going live on November 25th and you can check out all the info here; you really don’t want to miss this smash hit deal! Find your favourite paleo books for literally just 99 cents.

gym selfie

Treadmill aftershock.

NEW PR ON THE TREADMILL: 2 Miles in 17:17. (Warmup included)

snow evening

Woooowie, and it’s 7am…

magnesium bisglycinate

Magnesium bisglycibate chelate arrived today. Not sure how many milligrams are actual magnesium glycinate though and I wonder if CHELATE means more concentrated form of magnesium.

leg warmers

My first pair ever.

New leg warmers. Yes yes yes. I’m feeling like a million bucks now.

perfect pie monologue


The beautiful monologue from Perfect pie that I will use for digital submission to Juilliard and Trisch NYU.

The oysters turned out marvelously!!!

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A linkup again with KatieBeckyJenn, and Heather too, because they’re always great.

Fitful Focus
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