8 Minute HIIT Workout!

Does this thumbnail look familiar? It’s from one of my past #LIPlinkups, if you’ve been following my posts closely. I wish I knew how to make a printable for this workout but you’ll have to just do with the video. It’s not a very long workout so you have no excuse(it’s not even 8 minutes long)!

High Knees: keep your knees going up to hip height!

Jumping Jacks: self explanatory.

Push-ups: self-explanatory.

Running Plank: Bring your knees in as you stay in plank position.

Tuck Jumps: jump high and land low in a squat. These are tough!

Squat: self explanatory.

In-and-outs: stay in a low squat and jump your legs wide and narrow. It’s half a jumping jack.

Burpees: Jump up, down into plank and jump back up.

pillow yoga: a cushioned practice

Pillow yoga: a cushioned practice

Remember to stretch after!

a link up with Becky.


Did you survive?

How hard was the workout on a scale of 1-10?

Which move did you hate the most?