My Superb Paleo/Keto Lunches- Life In Pictures #10 + WIAW #9

 What is “Life In Pictures”?

Take as many pictures as you want throughout the week or day to recount the things you did avoiding as much text as possible. Your job is to guess what happened! For more info, click here.

Here we go!


coconut keto paleo ice cream

This awesome 1 ingredient low carb ice cream though.

beef liver with parsley

You’ll never guess what this is. It’s so nutritious but if I told you, you’d be grossed out! So I’ll leave you to guess.

slow cooked pork with homemade mayonnaise

Something I absolutely adore with fatty cuts of tender meats…

slow cooked pork

dried salami sausage

In my Foodpie pal carepackage was this!

Deja Vu?

Have you seen my video or post yet?

What I got in my october foodie care package

sunflower butter

sausage selfie

perfect foods bar

treadmill run

Pretty good, eh?

goodlife group fitness room

My friend —–> BodyPump.

Happy selfie


 A linkup again with KatieBeckyJenn, and Heather too, because they’re always great.

Fitful Focus
And a new linkup with Nicole From the past!

Fit Fed and Happy

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