Life In Pictures Blog Hop #9 – Fantastic Runs!

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Cold chilly air. Sunny. I found a new place(who knew after all these years?) Called alvins Grove CT or something, near goldhawk park/agnus mcphail jps and all the houses look very nice, brand New, and similar. They may be condos. Talked myself into doing this fasted run in the morning. Started off very slow. Not feeling like I could go as fast as I used to but feeling like I can tolerate longer distances more comfortably now(maybe cause I’m going slower?). Found out that a 2k warm up is optimal for me, then some Sprint speed work get legs prepared to run at a regular faster pace. I feel like I could’ve ran a little longer if I wanted to too. What’s a good marathon pace, i wonder? I think I should start working on speed ASAP! 🙂 to get my tempo run times good. PS- I think I’m wearing my shirt backwards. A photo posted by Linda (@thefitty) on


My hands are cold as I type this! So thats why I’m using voice control to type what I want to say. It was chilly outside. I think it was three to four degrees Celsius. Got up n ran first thing. Feeling good. I visited Brimley Woods Park through the hydro shortcut. There was a forest behind the school it was big and it was beautiful and the leaves were falling down. I ran 10 kilometers oh my god! I did it very slowly because I felt slow. But I told myself it would be okay, because I was aiming for long, slow distance. I didn’t do any sprint intervals in between. I just didn’t feel fast enough. Also, the wind was going against me. But even though I finished with a very slow time for 10 kilometers, I feel very proud of myself for running that kind of distance. Today I proved to myself that even though I am NOT a fast runner, I can do longer distances. I have the ability to run long without stopping no matter how slow I have to go. Today marks a milestone – – not a personal record, but a milestone. A photo posted by Linda (@thefitty) on


Hah, I ran 0 km today, says endomondo. 5 x 400m with easy HIIT exercises(in and outs, side plank, etc) lead by Mrs. Aquino. I felt SO GOOD running today! It must’ve been the good sleep I got because usually it takes me a while to get to a good base in running but I swear I must be started at a pace at least 30 seconds faster than my usual start pace. Wow, I wish my energy was like this everyday from start to finish. I could conquer anything!! And guess what–the kast time I ate was at 12:30pm yesterday! That means I did this about 20 hours into my fast. Wowie 🙂 am I finally healing my hormones and energy levels with this keto diet? I woke up feeling like an ectomorph–not a endomorph. When i ran I felt lighter than usual on my feet. Not heavy and thumping every step like I usually do. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD! I LOVE TODAY! A photo posted by Linda (@thefitty) on

big mushroom on tree

scorpion pose

mermaid yoga

slow roasted pork


Bored during Saturday Rehearsals


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Thanks, Coach. 🙂

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