School Schedule vLog + What I Got at Whole Foods {WIAW #8}

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$20 Whole Foods Haul + School Schedule

So I’m not so pleased with my school schedule and im hoping it’ll change sometime soon.

My school runs on a 2-semester system. Half the school year is one semester and each semester you take 4 different courses, allowing you to focus on 4 courses at a time instead of all 8 year-round.

Semester one Schedule.

Semester one Schedule.

I usually don’t mind and actually prefer to have female fitness first or last thing in my day but not when it’s in semester 1! I have adrenal fatigue and I can’t do cardio so I can’t do this course. Besides, even if I miraculously healed up, I’d join the cross country team first semester but boy, with female fitness, dance, and cross country, I’d be really burnt out.

And I can’t switch my course to second semester because the only course offering female fitness is in first. Noodles!

wiawphotobuttonNow the WIAW component(thanks, Jenn and Amanda!) Really, I should have called it WIBW aka What I Bought because I’m going to show you what I got on a $20 whole foods shopping spree.

Is $20 even heard of at Whole Foods?

  • Organic Parsley – one curly, sexy herb.
  • Organic Dill – great for salads!
  • Chili Lime Dressing – to keep food interesting.
  • Fish Saucereally keeps food interesting.
  • Mini coconut milk – so overpriced was this little bae but I’m desperate for dessert-making for COM’ERELittleBae!

Hope you enjoyed the video!

What’s your schedule this fall? Tell me your plans! Out with the old, in with the new?