Little Boo, Sunnyside Up {WIAW #7} + {Friday 5} Weekly Goals



It’s not even near Wednesday, but I have a different post scheduled for that time, so i might as well get this up now. This is the first WIAW twice in one week, even though last time was a recipe. As usual, I’m linking up with Amanda and Katie and Jill.

Having cheese here and there, eating hydrogenated oil salad dressing, binging on quest bars…I’m letting myself slide. And this ain’t the kiddy baby slide you see at playgrounds. I’m talking the “jump off a cliff” kind of slide.

((That’s a slide))

I’m on a strict keto paleo diet for at least one week. No cheat meals, no exceptions. I have to remember what I’m doing this for. If I want to maximize the healing process for my hormonal imbalance, or hinder it? The answer is obvious!


Here’s my plan of action:



Start: Friday August 22

Reward: Watching Eat Pray Love or going to the mall!

    1. Avoid the screen for at least 10 minutes after meals. Proper digestion is important.
    2. Get in bed by 10pm. Only exception: Wednesday to watch So You Think You Can Dance.
    3. Follow the written meal plan to a T. (unless you are using organ meats. Use the kitchen scale!)
    4. Find time to meditate with the 7 chakras once a day. Listen to music.
    5. Meal prep the night before. This includes your water bottle! You fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Cook everything so you could just reheat food the next day.


And now for one of the best and healthiest of the eats this week…



Eggs. The greatest protein in the world.

Why eggs? The question is, WHY NOT EGGS?!

I used to like my eggs very well done, but over the past month since going full keto, I’ve had many more opportunities to play with egg prep and execution(although most of the time, I fry it because im short on time). Eggs create so many textures. You can hard boil them, poach them, fry them, bake them, steam them….and they all come out differently! Not to mention you can get all fancy pants by removing the yolk from the whites and make your own mayonnaise(upcoming recipe hint hint hint!)

The best part of a fried egg is the crispy edge.

The best part of a fried egg is the crispy edge.

Ah, eggs.

So since then I’ve been playing with runny yolks. It turned out to be really good and now I either like them well fried, or runny–there’s no inbetween!

I made the perfect runny yolk last time. I call him Little Boo.

He's so cute!

“Booooop.” He says.

I’m spazzing out because it’s perfect! He’s perfect! MA BAYBEY!!!!

…and I’m going to eat ma child. COM’ERELITTLEBOO.

I honestly had feelings for this egg. Is that pathetic? Like, I didn’t want to eat him because…just look at him!


He’s adorbs.

Ever reluctant to eat a dish because you wanted to preserve its grace? How do you like your eggs?