WIAW #6 – Food Survey Style!

wiawphotobuttonSo I got this awesome idea from Amanda and I’m also linking up with Fitness Blondie today. There were two parts to the Survey and I’m just going to do 1 part; the second half because the first half talks about fruits and grains, which I don’t eat.

. Dairy

(Picture above is cream cheese and peanut butter. Back then a power combination for the satisfying afternoon snack.) Okay before we dive into this subject I just want to put a disclaimer that I don’t consume dairy for the time being! I might have a little bit later on, when my villi is fully healed, but dairy tends to bloat me a lot, so I avoid it as much as I can.

1) do you prefer chocolate or white milk?:
I’m not a milk person. Chocolate for flavour, but if I actually had to choose between one I might go with white because it doesn’t have all the sugar and carbs.

2) what’s your favorite brand of yogurt?:
I don’t have one! I used to want to try Chobani so bad because I saw it everywhere on Tumblr and Instagram–it was the new craze! Back when I consumed dairy, my mom got either Souce, Silhouette, or Astro 0% yogurt.

3) do you think you get enough calcium?:
I definitely do with all the bone broth I drink. I even ordered Vitamin K2 to help with the right displacement of calcium in my body.

4) where do you get the most calcium from (yogurt, cheese, milk, etc)?:
Bone broth. Homemade pork bone broth!

5) what’s your favorite type of cheese?:
Call me Patrick because I live under a rock, I’ve probably only tasted about 1/10 of all the available cheeses out there. I can’t just choose one; they all taste pretty good to me! Maybe Parmesan because it has such strong flavour, but I also like mozzarella(stringy stringy stringy!) and cream cheese.

6) what’s your favorite way to eat cheese?:
This is weird. When I want cheese, I want it now. I take it out of the fridge and microwave it until it melts into a gooey pile and I eat it. Sometimes I play with it with a fork and twirl it around and try to race against time before it cools down and no longer stays gooey.

7) what’s your favorite flavour of ice cream?:
Strawberry? No, mint chocolate! I love anything mint-flavoured. But you got me if it has sprinkles.

8) when you eat oatmeal, do you make it with milk, or water?:

9) what kind of milk do you drink?:
Nowadays I drink coconut milk and almond milk. I’m trying to make my own walnut and flaxseed milk, though!

10) what’s your favorite thing to do with cottage cheese?:
Using it in lasagna!


The famous Green & White Lasagna! Although this one uses ricotta, you can substitute cottage cheese if preferred.

I'm quite the meatatarian.

I’m quite the meatatarian. The A-B-C BLT burger.

. Meat

1) are you vegetarian or vegan?:
Nope. I had wonders about going vegetarian once, but that was before I discovered the Paleo and Keto diet, which I currently follow.

2) if you aren’t vegetarian or vegan, could you ever be?:
Perhaps! It makes me curious to live a life eating lots and lots of fruits and vegetables.

3) what’s your favorite type of meat?:
The chicken population is going down because of me.

4) what’s your favorite type of fish or seafood?:

5) hamburgers or hotdogs?:
Huh. Hotdogs. I like the first bite into the dog, it’s crispy and juicy.

6) if you have a barbeque, is it propane-powered, or charcoal?:

7) what’s your least favorite type of meat?:
I’m not sure. Maybe badly cooked fish that tastes dry and flavourless.

8) is there a type of meat you haven’t tried yet, but want to try?:

9) what’s the most exotic meat you’ve ever eaten?:
When I was 4, I think I ate snake soup. I didn’t like it.

10) when you eat meat, is the portion bigger than a deck of cards?:
Yes. I can’t control my meats and therefore I got a kitchen scale to measure it out for me!

Blueberry tea.

Blueberry tea way back from our first Virtual Coffee Date.

. Drinks

1) what do you put in your coffee?:
I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink tea and milk alternatives. I put cinnamon and stevia, and if I want it bulletproof I add coconut oil.

2) what do you put in your tea?:
Either nothing or stevia.

3) do you like the taste of water?:
Love it if I’m thirsty!

4) do you drink enough water everyday?:
I try to drink at least 9 glasses a day, but I don’t count so I don’t know. *sips water*

5) what’s your favorite flavour of diet soda?:
I don’t really drink soda at all that much. I’m not a huge beverage fan.

6) do you think you drink too much diet soda?:
You’ll never see me drinking diet soda!

7) do you prefer to eat or drink your calories?:
Eat it! Why drink it when you can have the satisfaction of chewing it?

8) do you drink energy drinks?:
Nope, and never have.

9) what’s your favorite smoothie recipe?:
I don’t drink smoothies! What did taste good at one point though, was a bunch of grapes, strawberries and blueberries blended up. Oh, I think I added vanilla bean ice cream too.

10) do you flavour your water (lemon, crystal lite, etc)?:
I don’t but I have a lot of natural flavouring so I might start doing that as a way to get more water in me!

I make my own cakes and little things.

I make my own cakes and little things.

. Treats

1) how often do you eat something unhealthy?:
What’s “unhealthy” to me might be healthy to someone else depending on their diet. Anything that’s outside of keto-paleo acceptable foods would be considered unhealthy to me. I even try to keep low glycemic berries off of the plate, so if I have those, it’d be considered a treat. I don’t usually eat something unhealthy because I can healthify any junk foods you throw my way!

2) do you prefer a sweet or a salty treat?:
SWEET. A terrible sweet tooth I have.

3) what’s your favorite salty treat?:
I eat a lot of salty foods, so I don’t know. Not pretzels for sure though; I’ve always hated them.

4) what’s your favorite sweet treat?:
Everrrrryyyyyything. Brownies. Cheesecake. Ice cream. Muffins, Scones. Biscotti, you name it!

They have birthday cake oreos now.

ummm…. what?

5) what’s your favorite brand of chocolate bar?:
Hmm, I’m tempted to make my own healthy chocolate. So that’s number one. Number two would be Chocoperfection and three, Giddy Yoyo.

6) when was the last time you went out to eat?:
Three weeks ago I went to Pickel Barrel with my friends and that was a mistake! I felt terrible afterwards and probably should have stuck to my diet!

7) what did you order?:
PEI mussels and (sweet) fire roasted tomato sauce.


It looked good but sure gave me a bad stomach.

8) do you tend to binge on unhealthy foods around your house?:
Yes, I do. I’m a mindless and emotional eater and the keto-paleo diet has been helping keep it at bay so far. I feel more satiated but still tend to over-consume foods. I have siblings, so chips and muffins are scattered around the house. If I had it my way–all junk foods are O-U-T OUT!

9) chips or popcorn?:
Guuh…*drool* what? huh? Oh, Hmm….it depends on the flavour. Chips, in general, for their crunch. Smart white cheddar popcorn are to die for.

10) what’s your favorite flavour/brand of chips?:
Favourite flavour would be…something cheesy. Like jalapeno cheddar, or 4 cheese, or sour cream and dill! 🙂

What’s your weak-in-the-knees dessert? Your turn to do the food survey!