MySweetIt Vitafiber IMO Review

Sweet It VitaFiber IMO is a super cool ingredient increasing in many health food products. The syrup has a consistency of, well, syrup. More specifically, honey. It’s as clear as water and sticky and viscous as liquid honey. Only it’s way better than honey. It’s lower in calories and has none of the sugar but all of the sweet taste. There is no sugar alcohols involved; there is just one ingredient and that’s the IMO. This liquid acts as an excellent filler in foods and is full of fiber! You can literally throw the syrup in anything–cookies(which is what I did), fudge, protein shakes, etc. I mean, I love playing with this stuff! Being naturally sweet, it’s excellent for baking. Isn’t that great? Sweet-It has: zero sugar, low calories, no aftertaste, and is gluten free, non-gmo, vegan, and all natural(<—basically paleo, which is always something I look for in branded products). Because it’s made of 100% prebiotics(“food” for probiotics), it also supports a healthy gut. Knowing me, I have huge digestion problems. (What to know something gross? The dinner I eat, I can still feel in my stomach as I go to bed. My stomach bacteria doesn’t seem to be strong enough to break down the food, so it just sits there, waiting to rot. This causes gas, bloating, and belching; all of which are not pleasant). Aren’t those all great properties we can all benefit from? And what kind of product has all of those properties anyway? I think it’s safe to say that we can’t find all of those combined into One. Single. Product. That’s why Sweet-It is my favourite thing right now. Keep it in my pantry always. Until I finish them, which, being the kitchen cooker I am, shouldn’t take very long. I could spend day and high playing with this syrup and open my own bakery! Yeah! But until then, it’s going to be kept in my pantry for any occasion I feel like indulging on sweet things without sacrificing my ketogenic/paleolithic diet. For 8 calories per tsp, just about all of which come from fiber(low carbers, have no fear!), you can indulge guilt free. Fiber keeps you full.

PicMonkey Collage

The syrup itself takes the shape of anything you give it. I shaped mine into a rectangular prism(oh how my math teacher would be oh-so-proud) and froze it. And guess what? I didn’t have to use any kind of flour. Not regular white flour, not even almond, or flaxseed–this syrup itself is so powerful it binds together any ingredients and properties given(more protein? Add more whey. Want a circular shape? Use a cookie cutter) and replaces the need for extra ingredients that are commonly used to simply ‘bind’ everything together to give the creation a certain texture. I call that work and kitchen math. I have enough stress already, so I use Sweet-It. What a miracle syrup! It sure saves money and cuts to the chase of what you really want in a dessert! When cooking with the syrup, ask yourself just these 2 simple questions:

  1. What flavour do I want? (obviously, mint)
  2. What nutritional profile do I want? (obviously, low carb)

Forget the “Will this/that be too much for the batter?” “Do I need to thoroughly cook this?”(UHM NO, YOU CAN EAT THIS RAW!). So if you were to make a chocolate chip cookie, the obvious ingredient would be the chocolate, right? And if I wanted some dairy free protein, I would add egg protein, right? But if I slapped down a bowl and just mixed those two together I would get something totally inedible and dry, riiiiggghtt?? I hope you realize what I’m getting at. BAM! Add the syrup. Make this tasty, no-brainer equation:

2 tbsp. MySweetIt Syrup + A gazillion sugar free chocolate chips + Egg protein powder = ba-bam chicken and ham.

If I had it my way math would always be this simple. And delicious. *Wink*

(I didn’t make this, but it sure looks mighty crisp!)

I can’t wait to see what else I can come up with with this MySweetIt. Cakes, dips, brownies, fudges…you name it, I will make it! I just hope this bottle doesn’t run out too quickly…certain foods tend to disappear in a snap when I go cray-cray crazy with them. I’ll share some recipes with ya’ll when I perfect a creation, promise! If I don’t eat the entire thing before I get a snapshot, that is.

My Sweet It is so versatile and great, you simply have to try it some before you die. Please do yourself a favour and purchase some. While you’re at it, I give you permission to buy me a box.

What? I’m just offering!