Giddy Yoyo Super food Chocolate Review!

Giddy Yoyo is the most unique chocolate I’ve ever tasted. What the Giddy team do is take the Cacao beans and mix it with superfoods such as Spirulina, Maca, Orange, and Ginger to create a legendary chocolate unlike any chocolate bar I’ve ever tasted before. Giddy Yoyo is organic, fair-trade, and grow their plants in the highest quality, most nutrient dense foods available. The soil is mineral-rich, untouched by chemicals and watered with fresh spring water in a remote area in Equidor.  Wow, talk about luxury food. It’s absolutely raw!

Now notice how I said Cacao and not Cocoa. What’s the difference?

Cacao’ is the divine, cosmic, heart-opening, tremendously uplifting and mood elevating, mind-expanding ingredient that creates a higher level of cognition and invigorates the senses which makes our chocolate products so special. ‘Cocoa’ is everything else.

 Take a look at the ingredients:


Love and gratitude is the first ingredient. How sweet! Pun intended.


Ginger, Dark, Chaga, and Spirulina flavours.

Justin of the Giddy YoYo’s (are they gangsters?) sent me four flavours to sample! They have many other superfood flavours you can check out on their website, and if you’re not sure what some of they superfoods do, they got a whole section describing how it’s harvested and its benefits.

Ginger: Takes a little getting used to if you’re a fan of earthy flavours. I’m a tea drinker, so I am, and ginger is one of the most used spices in our households. I liked the gingery kick this bar packed. It isn’t overpowering, but still packs a strong punch.

Dark: My personal favourite! It’s highest in cacao percentage, and the lowest net carb content of all the chocolates. Besides, who doesn’t like the good old dark chocolate? Instead of the usual cocoa butter, I’m eating the cacao version. Wow, I feel royal.

Chaga: Chaga is a black tree fungus and an adaptogen, meaning it it helps the body adapt to stress and balance out the “Qi,” or energy, as Chinese medicine calls it. It has a woodsy flavour and burn-y aftertaste. I did enjoy it, though.

Spirulina: Kind of tastes like ocean greens, whatever that tastes like. Make no mistake; I enjoy it for the benefits of the superfood, though! It’s my top superfood at the moment.

Cons of the chocolate? It”s high in sugar. They use Cane sugar as one of their ingredients and I would much rather prefer if they used Stevia instead, which is still all natural but without the blood sugar spike. Even so, I will never come across another chocolate that’s quite the same. I’ve never tasted something so different and good from mainstream, sweet milk chocolate before. I am very, very pleased with the quality and care for they put into production!

Please do yourself a favour and try it before you die. If you’re gonna die, at  least die Giddy, you know? And you can! Giddy Yoyo is hosting a contest for the best recipe incorporating any Giddy products. Winner gets 1 case of mixed Giddy Yoyo chocolate bars, and the contest ends at the end of August. Follow the link to enter! Your chances of winning are high. Don’t miss this opportunity!

**I was provided the products for free, but all my opinions are honest.

What do you think about incorporating superfoods into chocolates?