WIAW #2 – Protein Mania!

I never thought I would jump on the #WIAW bandwagon but here I am…Today I am linking up with KatieAmanda, Laura, and obviously Jenn, the host of WIAW.

Can you even begin to guess what this is?

Can you even begin to guess what this is?

Calamari on a stick. I saw the check make it right before my very eyes at a Chinese Convention.  It’s esentiallly squid flattened on a skillet and seasoned. $8 per stick. Totally expensive, but I gotta live a little, right?

What a horrible photo. It got 60 notes on tumblr–can we talk about surprised?! I think this is horrible photo quality. This was a baked quest bar with almond milk. Crumbled quest bars + almond milk = Quest cereal! Yup, I’m taking it to a whole new level.


Boo yah. Lobster me up.

Probably my most favourite seafood is LOBBBBBAAASTAAA. It’s even better than crab because the meat is so much juicer and less hard to get out and not scattered with shells, like crabs are. Oh, yummy yum yum. This entire lobster was aten with my family for dinner after strawberry picking. It was worth probably $30. Seafood restaurants are usually pricey anyway.

Two beef patties and sauteed broccoli, because…why not? Wow, this week’s eats have been largely protein based.

What were some of your eats this week? What else did you do?

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