Hectic Agenda + Announcement

As you know, I post biweekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. That may have to change.

I have a TON of things to do.

  • Pick up package at customs office
  • Follow up with emails
  • Use up coupons due in June
  • Mail out a birthday card
  • Mail out old transportation tickets
  • Review for fitness test
  • Creative writing essay
  • Memorize monologues
  • Research Ayurdeva


And things to attend:

Kidney specialist and a walk in clinic:
My mom insists that I go, so I have to. If it were up to me, I simply don’t have the time to attend such things but also, I’m scared. Nothing good has ever happened from being made to go places and I have a terrible, terrible experience with medical professionals, especially when my parents are involved.

Athletic Banquet:
I hear mixed reviews about the athletic banquet my school hosts. It’s hosted in the basement of a fast food restaurant.


Yuck! I expected somewhere fancy like Crystal fountain or Liberty Hall where there’s waiters and lights and grand staircases and marble flooring…I mean, out of all the clubs, athletes work physically the hardest. We work for nice bodies. And for all that prep and hard work, blood, tears, and sweat, what do we get?

The basement! Of! A! Fast food! Restaurant!

Of course!

I am not impressed. Some of my friends say its fun. Quote en quote said, “Go for like 2 hours and come back. I mean, just get the free crappy food, talk with people, dance a little bit and then leave.”

I’ll go. Originally, I planned not to, but it’s my first formal (or not so formal from the sounds of it) dance ever, and my trackmates insist that I experience it, I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.

Track dinner @ Pickle Barrel:
I’ve never been to pickle barrel, or any North American chain restaurant except for one time at Swiss chalet in Febraury this year. Their chicken is legit! Last last season in fall, the cross country team celebrated the end of its season with a dinner buffet at Mandarin’s, which I didn’t attend because of financial issues and I don’t find buffets to appealing or healthy. All my life i have lived the life of Patrick Star.

Life is sure exciting under a rock.

I want to live a bit. I need to live it up. Like spongebob.

Cool & Fresh

So I’m going to put myself out there and not let money stand in the way anymore. I’m going to Pickle Barrel! I checked out their menu and their salads are like, $10-15. Geez. For lettuce? I mean I expected that price but I think it’s ridiculous that you can get a burger for way less than pieces of vegetables. Come on North America! It’s like you want us to be fat! Why?

I don’t think I have the time to make quality posts biweekly until I get all of this stuff off my plate!

Oh don’t be sad. I’ll be back.

Hopefully. *inserts evil laughter*

I’ll be posting just Fridays(not including this Friday) until early July.

How often do you post?