The Secret to End Overeating!

“Quality, not quantity.”

My stomach is a bottomless pit sometimes. I am a vaccum that will swallow everything and everything if I chose to. Do you know why that buffet across the street costs a fortune? Well I’ll tell you: they fear people like me. They want to make the most out of you as much as you make most of their food.. Or at least, me. That’s why I avoid buffets.

I can out eat you, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, and your family.


(Or your money back).

I have this horrible habit of overeating. Eating when I’m not hungry, I am still eating when I’m bloated, still eating when I’m bored, sad, mad, or glad. Munching on things just for their texture. Chewing food just to have something to do– sometimes when I don’t even like the food. And let me tell you, I am not munching on carrot and celery sticks! It’s usually junk food, or at least, non-veggies. Overeating, and mindless eating are just bad habits that tax your body and makes you feel sick. And quite frankly, is a waste of food too!

Well, a few days ago while traveling to school, I gave a thought as to why I sabotaged myself this way, and how to prevent it. Suddenly it hit me. The secret just exploded I my head and I understood why.

Are you ready to hear the secret?

Many times I take “convenience” foods(2 tbsp nut butter, avocado, a few slices of ham and some leftover sauteed vegetables, anything that doesn’t require time and prep)so I can easily eat on the go, especially days I have school. When I am out and don’t have time to sit down and enjoy my meals, I take simple, independent foods and call it a meal so I can multitask efficiently. I rarely bring a nicely cooked dish.

However, I noticed that this habit of rushing through meals contributes to overeating the food on weekends, when I am not busy and have a lot of spare time in my hands. And because I have lots of spare time, I tend to eat more to have something to do.

I was under appreciating my food.

The more effort you put into prepping your meals, the more mindful you feel. Your creation becomes more sacred, and thus you indulge wholeheartedly in the experience. Consume less by taking more time to prepare and garnish your food.

That’s it! It was time to go gourmet. I thought.

Cold low calorie pasta salad on a bed cabbage with smoked salmon, black pepper and garlic seasoning, cucumber, and jalapeno mayonnaise! Might not look super duper but I put much more effort into lunch than I usually do. I felt satisfied when I finished, not feeling like I needed more food.

I have to put more effort into decorating and garnishing the plate. It should be special to me when I eat it. It should be a treasuring and satisfying experience. That way I can make the food last physically in my tummy and emotionally in my heart. Come to think of it, isn’t that how anybody should approach anything in life? With a whole lot of heart?


I think I found the answer.

What do you think?