Friday 5 #2 – Weekly Goals + Achievements



I didn’t think I’d be making another “Friday 5″ so soon, but there are some things I want to announce, and what better way at to wrap up my week? This edition is different from last time’s, in the way that I don’t have 5 different things, but rather 5 goals and 5 achievements. Sounds good? Cool. Maybe one day I”ll make it an official blog hop linkup celebrating our successes and next goals, but for now, I’ll stick with this.

Ahh…let me sit down and type.

Pooped. Wow.

Pooped. Wow.

1. This is what I wrote on the day the event occurred:

I made a personal record!
3 miles in 24:48 minutes with 0.5 incline on the treadmill.

When I went to the gym that day, I honestly didn’t think I would make it. I felt physically tired and mentally tired from musical theater rehearsal. I didn’t even plan to get on the treadmill that day. Just thought about stretching it out for a good hour or so, because the only thing I wanted to do at the end of period three was go to sleep, but by period four, which was gym class and we go to our local good life for that class, I was running. Wow.

4 minutes into the run, I felt OK. Eventually I kept telling myself to maintain a decent pace around 6 miles/hour and I did, until I approached my last personal record of 3 miles in 25 minutes and thought, why not beat it? I was so close anyway.

I did it! Hooray!! My day feels complete. Someone pat me on the back because my arms are too tired.

2. I managed to intermittent fast on a day my mother was home in the morning. Cool beans, yo. It’s probably never happening again because that stuff is too risky . I’m usually forced to eat less than healthy foods when parents are around, so that was an extremely food day.

3. My English public relations presentation went really well. I got a 90% on it while my comrades got 80’s. I also felt like I did a good job presenting. It’s good to be well prepared for presentations. It makes all the difference.

4. I’m slowly becoming unafraid of the camera. I’ve taken 3 selfies this week, and that more than I ever do in a month. This is a good step for me! I always hated the way I looked and sound in videos, recordings, and pictures. While I didn’t mind people taking pictures of me, I never liked them. The saying, “The camera makes you gain ten pounds” applies to me to…the max. I’m still convinced I have a beauty that moves, and that ceases to exist in a snapshot, ceases to exit in 2-D screens. But I slowly am just not caring anymore. I might not look as pretty as most people, but st the end of the day I’m a human being, just like they are. One picture does not differentiate their talents from mine. I am worth something too. I am valid. I am who I am.

5. It’s almost the end of the school year! Finally, I made it one whole school year at a new arts school. I’m happy because there will be no more hours of rehearsals on Saturdays and after school. After the last week of May, which is show week, I’ll have my regular free time again. I need to have a job this summer!

And now…for the goals! Oh did I mention I just came back from a run and it’s a cloudy day outside? My favourite kind of weather and exercise. Oh, I’m feeling really positive, let’s hope I can live up to the goals I set while I’m high on endorphins.

I believe you should always strive for self-improvement. That’s why when I started…oh what’s the word, self-de-improvementing? Yes. That. You know what I mean. When I know I deserve better but don’t

take action to prevent it anyway, otherwise known as falling off track, I came back to what I know best: goal setting.



Picture ©StudioCalico

1. No prepackaged snacks – I tend to “binge” on healthy prepackaged snacks when they’re available. It’s a waste of food because I snack of them when I’m not hungry. If I simply took the time to make food, I would eat a lot less. I’m at home and can afford to spend time making snacks than being lazy.

2. Intuitive, mindful eating on weekends – take time to decorate and garnish meals and savor every bite like it would be the last one.

3. Sleep by 10:00pm – That means you’re in your room at 9pm!

4. Take 3 risks – don’t be shy, be assertive and speak your mind!

5. Meditate and Walk more often – I don’t have good digestion. When I’m stressed after I eat, or if I go on the computer after I eat, the food will sit in my stomach longer than nessesary, causing bloating, gas, and indigestion. Take a 15 minute break after dinner. Besides, I have a feeling my body’s been tired lately. I could use some rest.

What are some of your goals this week?