Easter Holiday Adventures

I hate to be such a bum, but I want to be totally honest. Easter was was…

It was boring. I hate that word!


It sounds so childish and whiny, and if I had a thesaurus with me as I type this right now I would have chosen a different word. Boring is boring. I am not a immature, needy child. I was just really sad and disappointed, that’s all. I feel lonely all the time. I don’t have money to go out and enjoy myself. I dislike myself because I feel like an alien to the social world. I really just…wish I could feel fully committed to the person I am, but I don’t know what she is like anymore. It’s like I’ve been suppressed from being myself for so long I completely forgot who I was truthfully.

Well, 4 days off from school(good Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Easter Monday) is great time to take a mini trip. I’ve never been to the states. You USA-ians have great prices man! No tax, a trader Joe’s…(which I am dying to visit!), all the good brands and so many places to see! Instead I spent the holidays at home here are in Ontario. I did a few productive things:


Before/After 45 minute workout. Wow. I haven’t done Nike Training in so long!

I did a great HIIT (high intensity interval) workout with all the EXERCISES I HATED hardest exercises: burpees with tuck jumps, squat jacks, split squat lunges, plank hops, plank donkey kicks…any explosive that involves legs are hard! Thank goodness I don’t as home alone. If I lived on the top floor of an apartment you’d be feeling the earthquake all the way to the basement! Go hard or go home–HIIT is some pretty unforgiving stuff. I especially focused on my legs because that burns the most calories and the only form of exercise I do targeting the legs other than running and cardio would be high intensity interval training. Weirdly enough, I wasn’t sore the next day.

I’ve gotten invincible!

Twisting detox with Tiffany

Twisting detox with Tiffany

I did some detox yoga when I was feeling tired and bloated, then meditated in savasana for a good 15 minutes. I listened to this playlist.


I ran for 20 minutes and got a stomach ache and turned around sooner than anticipated.

Easter egg hunting. They found one in the fridge!

Easter egg hunting. They found one in the fridge!

My siblings went Easter egg hunting and I followed them around taking pictures.

Guess who hid this? :)

Guess who hid this one? I DID! 🙂

Teehee. Sneaky or what? Being the tiny kids they are this was one of the “tough cookies”(eggs?) to find.

I hid one underneath a stool that hits smack in the middle of the living room. And it turned out it the was second last one to be found. You know how it happened? My little brother went on a hyper rage where he flipped and jumped on everything. He originally lifted the stool and threw it to the side, totally oblivious to the egg underneath(he wasn’t even looking) until he did a double take.



His little head turned twice and I just laughed when I thought he was going to miss it. I wasn’t going to point it out to him but he found out anyway. Oh, that was the best part of Easter.

Mini Keto grocery shopping.

Mini Keto grocery shopping.

I went mini-grocery shopping. I rode my ghetto-a**ed bike to the nearest No Frills and my butt hurt half the time. Originally, I went to make keto treats for Easter but since I bought them on the very last day of the four-day weekend I didn’t have time to use them. Instead, I think I”ll make myself a pity party birthday cake on my this weekend. I”ll buy some tissues, curl up like a pathetic little porcupine, hug my stuffed animals and cry and eat cake.


Happy freaking birthday to me.

wpid-wp-1398205111446.jpegI made lunch under 100 calories and fooled my dad into thinking I used the all-carby noodles he bought when I secretly used my own that looked similar to his but is really low calorie. 🙂

I also visited my friend who tore her archilles heel. Poor thing! It”ll take her 6 months to fully recover. I can’t imagine myself going so long without cardio. She had a cast and everything.

What did you do this Easter?