I Don’t Believe in Moderation!

Moderation: Does more good or bad?

Moderation: Does more good or bad?

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Everything in Moderation! The health foodies say.

Moderation, moderation, moderation! Any and every food in moderation!

Before I dive cold turkey into this topic, I just want to put it out that I’m not a judger. I don’t and won’t shame people for not having the same beliefs or values that I carry! This is only my take on the ever popular “Moderation” method that so many dieters speak of.

I personally don’t believe in whole system. I think many times it brings more harm than good. For example, the human body is better off without gluten… For. Ever. Not occasionally, or sometimes. . Forever. Granted, little bits of gluten won’t kill you, but no amount of “moderation” will ever deny the harm it does to our digestion whether or not you eat it in moderation. You eat it; you eat it. It’s in your system. The same goes for soy, lecithin, and for me, wheat, grains, and sugars because the keto-paleo diet is right for me.

I found an article online by Foods4BetterHealth on moderation and agreed with one paragraph in particular:

“I believe there are certain foods and ingredients you should never eat like genetically modified foods, artificial flavors and colors, and trans fats. Chemical ingredients such as ammonium phosphate dibasic, sorbitan monostearate, corn maltodextrin, and pentosanase should also be avoided. If you have trouble pronouncing it, would you still consider your processed meal or snack an acceptable food?”

Some people get so preachy that they criticize others for having a superbly clean diet void of all unhealthy foods! How utterly ridiculous is that? Who puts down others for eating in the best manner possible? Has that happened to you?

The only reason why the idea became so popular is because it releases psychological stress dieters undergo when they cut out but crave certain foods. The idea that nothing is off limits, aka “moderation” relieves stress so they are free to indulge without guilt, and even look forward eating junk food. Why is everyone programmed to not approach vegetables with the same enthusiasm?

Mindset is everything. Change your mindset and you change your life!

Simply put into bare fact, indulging in junk food does not serve the body well. Moderation does not allow you to perform at your optimum, physically nor mentally. It provides relief from restriction. However, restriction is a mindset, not a diet. There are plentiful other ways to unrestrict yourself while keeping your health at an optimum. Hypnosis, meditation, willpower, yoga, mental exercises, and even the right kind of diet are wonderful alternatives that don’t sabotage your body as much as moderation does! The keto-paleo diet rich in fats and wholesome foods which I feel is the right way to go. I don’t feel deprived. I don’t feel restricted. I don’t need moderation. I eat yummy, fantastic, healing foods all the time, and in fact, if I do “moderation” I’d end up physically(and emotionally) feeling like crap because I ate crap!

Eat like Crap, feel like Crap.

Eat like Crap, feel like Crap.

At the end of the day, you do you. Experiment with different foods, intakes, and approaches to nutrition and find out your way of eating. Weather moderation works or not for you is no need to be ashamed. Just realize there are better ways to cope with restriction than using moderation.

What guidelines to nutrition do you follow?