April Showers

I made it to the end of the month of March.


They say April Showers bring May flowers but I secretly hope that is not true, for I cannot take another month of the hot summer months that gets closer with each passing day. April is a nice time to recollect. It’s a nice time to rinse out the bad and shower in the good.

Okay. So it’s time to look back and reflect on the positives this past month. And hey hey hey–it’s my birthday April 28th! Can you guess my age?

It’s time to stop worrying so much about this and that and what’s going to happen next. I always have this constant fear of not being accepted, believed or liked by people around me, and I just have to remember to calm down. That I don’t have anything to lose and I’m just trying out things and the worrisome thoughts that plague me are completely unnecessary because they’re just little pieces of the bigger picture–my life! And I’d rather have something to look back on fondly than regret never taking action.

Okay so, here are positive things that happened this month and things to look forward to:

  • Intermittent fasted a few times
  • Yoga photo shoot with a friend done on the 6th
  • Saturday massages
  • Ran beep test twice in the afternoon and ran for 30 minutes in the morning on April 4th
  • Ran fairly well on no carbs and low fuel the afternoon of April 9th(sign of keto adaptation?)
  • English teacher complimented my creative writing skills, saying I have a good sense of rhythm for poetry and I have the potential to become an author of novels!
The beep test takes place on the lower gym. It's always a little intimidating!

The beep test takes place on the lower gym. It’s always a little intimidating!

On top of that I run roughly 3 times a week for fitness class. Fitness class is great. You get a credit just by working out! Isn’t that cool? A totally self-served credit–what an excellent course for gym rats. The only problem is I start to get bored of the gym. I’m just starting to dread the treadmill(or should I say, dreadmill). Each time I head on the treadmill for 25 or so minutes and then wander around the machines and try things out just to say I did so I can write it down in my log, which is being marked for progress. I can only take so much of the same routine before I demand a change or I’ll go insane!

The goodlife gym near our school.

The goodlife gym near our school.

At the beginning of the semester on my Goal worksheet I wrote, “Run 3k in under 20 minutes”. I was contemplating either 20 or 18, and I guess I should have wrote the latter, but I feared and always have a fear of failure and the need to be on top of challenges. Lack of meeting expectation sends me I to anxiety, and maybe that’s why I set my expectations low. This is a mindset I hope to change. Why do I put such low expectations on myself just so I can jump over them easily? It’s OKAY to not meet it sometimes. I don’t have to go above and beyond. In fact, if I wasn’t able to jump over my goal, it just means I can keep trying until I do. Nothing is every too hard; you just need to accept whatever outcome you get. Fear holds me back from enjoying so much in life and I miss out on things that ought to be cherished! Does anxiety and fear hold you back too?

We have to log out workouts for the fitness course!

We have to log out workouts for the fitness course!

Anyway, back to why I should have put 18 minutes… I smashed my goal! According to the treadmill, I ran(on separate days):

  • 3.1 miles in 27 minutes
  • 4.07 miles in 40:07 minutes
  • 3 miles in 25 minutes (fastest pace)
  • 3.21 miles in 29:01 minutes
  • 3.36 miles in 30:32 minutes (April 2)
  • 3.5 miles in 30:30 minutes(add in the walking and it was 3.71 miles in 33:12 minutes)

For the first time in forever, I’ll be running year-round. I can keep up my fitness and, if I keep the ball rolling all throughout the summer months(which is not likely because I can’t stand running in heat), I’ll be better than ever in the fall when cross country hits because I wouldn’t  have to regain strength I lost.

Goals for April:

  • Send out packages and mail
  • “Genetics and Fitness” Presentation
  • Photo shoots
  • Job Search

What are your goals for April, fitness and health-wise? Anything special going on?