March Break Happenings

Happy midweek!

March break’s gone and past. The thought of having nothing on my plate for a week relaxed and pressured me at the same time. No obligations was good: I didn’t have to wake up so early to go to school, I didn’t have rehearsals or homework(not that I have much of the latter, but much more of the former). What made me anxious is not doing anything productive all break. The only thing I did have to attend was a march break leadership program. A few years ago when I first attended this camp, the youth campers were paid $11/hour for the entire break, and we stayed for about 7 hours a day there. I earned a good $500 or so to pay for performing art education! Now it was just a $70 honorarium at the very end of the week.

Quite the drop, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to even BE paid to attend camp!

On the last day we celebrated with a movie and a fine dining restaurant lunch. I have rarely ever been to fine dining restaurants!


My friend’s plate. Some rice topped with onions, salad, and a mixed meat of beef and lamb.


My plate. I replaced rice with even more salad and ordered medium lamb.


Some ginger tea for me while others get smoothies.

We all know that in our society that a celebration does not go without junk food. In this case, cake! Nice, creamy, supersweet cake.


The vanilla cake!


Most of us wanted the chocolate one because well…chocolate! I can’t believe I asked if I could lick the serving spatula.

I don’t like cake that much, but I took some for no reason. Maybe I convinced myself that the icing and the flour mixed together created some nice moisture…

In the end I had way more than I expected and felt bloated. I felt uncomfortable.

The saying “eat like crap, feel like crap!” is absolutely true! All of march break I made terrible choices and my body was paying for it. I got home and couldn’t just sit down. Something had to be done. I whipped out my phone and messaged my friend to go for a run. Her reply? An immediate “yes!”


Our run. 🙂

We ran for a good half hour, and after we were done we decided that our next run would last 30 minutes or 6 kilometers, whichever came first. I hope it’s the latter because our run that day barely reached 5 kilometers(I ran 0.8-0.9k to her house in about 5 minutes, so subtract that from the picture you see above)

I ran through puddles and the remains of snow and my feet got soaked as we tested out dirt paths that turned out a lot wetter than they appear! But I felt great. I felt an instant detox, albeit super small but still felt super good!

It wad also at that moment I realized I missed spring. I missed the days that the sun would stay up high until the late hours of the evening. I missed the way birds chirped. I missed the wind chased or pushed me back while running, and most of all I missed the clarity of it all. No blockage. Nothing was off-limits to my flying feet.

Aye, I did miss spring.