Break Out of Routine!

Everyday I come home from school, I eat a giant snack(probably more like two meals), go on the computer, and lounge around until dinnertime. I have a habit where I feel like nothing can be truly completed until after I eat dinner. After dinner, I feel the need to do something productive before I go to bed, which usually means I browse the web again, and then workout for the last 10 minutes before sleep.

And everyday, is the same old routine.

I am being lazy. There’s no way around that, so I decided today things were going to change. I made a goal of doing 5 things this week out of the ordinary sequence I follow that would benefit me(it turned out to be six)

  • Do a 10 minute workout before dinner
  • Eat breakfast and fast until after school or dinnertime
  • Dance around with my siblings one evening
  • Get some errands done early in the day!
  • Get off the bus two stops early and walk home
  • Sleep before 9:30pm

If doing little, simple changes like that doesn’t motivate me, then rewarding myself with a self-pampering day at the end of the week sure will!

I always say, “Fitness is 80% mindset.” If you can tame your mind, you can tame anything. As an actor I’ve learned if you can fool yourself, you can fool anybody. All the battles you’re facing happens in your head. My coach says, “Strong legs, chicken head.” when I approach muscle failure during cross country races. He’s absolutely right! Willpower is a powerful, if not, the most powerful muscle in the human body. But just as it can accomplish the greatest successes, it fatigues quickly. It’s a muscle just like any other that needs to rest. Stop getting comfortable and start getting uncomfortable! You might actually enjoy it and find get something out of trying out things in a new way.

The best way to make something happen is to write it down.

I also wrote down goals for the next week:

SMART Goals for the week!

SMART Goals for the week!

SMART stands for:
Time management

Do you ever feel obligated to follow “rules” or to walk in between invisible lines? Break the boundaries and do something different! Making little changes like these create new healthy habits and keep variety. Besides, if you can’t change the little things, how will you change bigger ones?

What 5 things will you change? What are you waiting for, write something down!