Monday Thoughts

Happy Monday Fitties!

My bed was so comfy this morning, I didn’t want to leave. I got my big bag of costumes for the upcoming music theatre show in the hall and headed out the door. Instead of busing straight to school, I bused to Goodlife Fitness because that’s where my female fitness class was supposed to meet up. How great is it to wake up and workout first thing in the morning? I did 20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill and then explored the tough-looking weight machines. To be honest, I am not exactly thrilled with the thought of weight training. I don’t find it as hard, active and as sweaty as cardio. It’s so static compared to feeling that heart pumping groove I am used to. I wish I had a coach with me to push and motivate me each time we have a free period st the gym because I can tell the majority of the time in this course, I will not be challenged enough. I hate super easy! I want to get as much out of this course as I can.

I broke my fast around 12pm with a pretty dense lunch. I wasn’t hungry to say the least, and felt I could have lasted longer. When I first started with intermittent fasting, I was skeptical that I would last anything longer than 12 hours. That’s because I was used to eating a huge breakfast! Coming to terms with IF, the first week was definitely the hardest. I would be hungry and tired and lethargic. Workout? Ha! I required willpower just to get my bum off the couch. But everything became easier after that adaptation period. In fact, a fast doesn’t feel like a fast to me if I don’t feel ravenous at some point. Intermittent fasting gets us to recognize when hunger is purely psychological and when we are legitimentally hungry. All in all, I’m happy to say that I proved my doubts wrong–anything is achievable if taken in baby steps. My ultimate goal? 48 hour fast! I don’t see that happening anytime too soon though. Do you intermittent fast? If so, how long and how often?

You can never have too much avocados…I broke my fast with them.

Music theatre for me today was not as stressful as it usually is. Perhaps it’s because I got a good night’s sleep. Or maybe because without breakfast, I felt less tired… or maybe it was just a lucky day! I’m just grateful.

I am sad to say goodbye to track for the next little while…my parents won’t allow me to partake in both Female fitness and Track and field because it’s “too much exercise”. I had to choose only one. Track is a lot more challenging, and thus a lot more fun. It’s so much better than regular gym class that I considered dropping out of female fitness to take track and field practice instead. Track is where I feel like I belong, if not anywhere else. My closest friends are there, the coach genuinely cares about each athlete, and the run relieves so much of a day’s work load. It’s where I feel happiest all week! Today is the first time I missed a Monday practice. Oh, just thinking about it breaks my heart!

Well…onto happier things.
I actually look a lot more attractive than I thought. I mean, it’s all in character, yes, but impression lies within the clothes.

I am not rich. I don’t own brand name articles of clothing. I only wear only what I presume to be “presentable”, not nessesarily “good”. My attire consists of casual, baggy, and often worn out basic clothes such as old sweats, wrinkled t-shirts, repetitive leggings..all that jazz. I guess you could say I’m pretty plain. Today for the first time in forever, I put on a plaid skirt over a blue blouse for a Music Theatre number. We were to look like private school boys and girls for “Revolting Children” and if I don’t say so myself I thought I looked so much better than usual, I surprised myself!

Well, that’s a wrap for today!