Freeing Yourself From Self-Sabotage + Your Inner Critic

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Who’s that voice inside your head compelling you to continuously agonize over a past decision?

Are you your own best cheerleader, or bully?

Are you managing your life, or are you living it? Do you have to manage every part of your life, control every part of your life, manipulate every part of your life so that you can be happy? How stressful is that?!

What is true freedom? Is it manipulating your circumstances so that the outcomes are always in your favor? How foolproof is that?

Do you feel free having to manage all of that? Having to SUPERVISE your life?

You don’t have to spiral down even further when things take a left turn. You don’t have to make it harder for yourself than it already is. in this workshop, grab a pen and journal and come with an open heart. Learn to live life with more ease and cushion the blows as you go; learn to stop self sabotage and release the voice of your inner critic.

This course is for you if you feel yourself self sabotaging, procrastinating, binge eating, having other addictions, or beating yourself up again and again.

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Earlier this year, I launched the most in-depth firey content on ending self sabotage and your inner critic. The full PDF + video training is up for purchase ($333 USD pr $111 for the early bird special!) as a course to keep for a lifetime. I’d love to offer it to you if it speaks to you:

More about the course:

What’s something you’re beating yourself up for?

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