Life Lessons (from 2023)

I made a list of Life lessons for 2023, perhaps some of these would deeply resonate with you. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged or sent out an email to my inner circle; and I’m thankful that this small, intimate and warm community is still here. Hey–thank you. I’d love to let you know that I’ve also set up a patreon for exclusive audios and more scriptures of the like, meditations, and peptalks.

Life Lessons of 2023:

🌸 It shouldn’t feel like “hustling” to belong.

🌸 Don’t take their word; watch their actions. Let people show you who they are.

🌸 Third, fourth, and fifth chances are warranted too. Sometimes it takes a person many tries.

🌸 Beauty comes in many forms, and only one is capturable with a photographic lens. There is an invisible, intangible beauty that can only be felt, and it’s the very one that takes your breath away. Never forget that kind of beauty.

🌸 You learn to like someone when you get to know their sun. But you grow to love someone when you embrace their moon.

🌸 Stop looking back. You’re evolving. Let. It. Go. You’re growing. Life is transforming you. Sometimes you’re forced to grow butterfly wings.


🌸 Find people who actively celebrate you, not just hear you and nod. Go where you’re authentically embraced and respected.

🌸 Find a friend that you don’t feel like you’re walking on eggshells with.

🌸 To be easily offended is to have a fragile sense of self.

🌸 Don’t put on pants unless absolutely necessary. Walk around the house naked sometimes, okay? Gosh, it’s so freeing.

🌸 Listening to the present moment reveals the truth of your next move.

🌸 “Slut” is a misogynistic, derogatory term used to shame a woman who embraces her sexuality and isn’t afraid to own her power and prowess.

🌸 The system will convince you that you need to own things you don’t have and be anyone but yourself ( things you are not ) so that you can be more whole. And then others will perpetuate that belief by encouraging and agreeing with it, because they’ve been convinced of the lie too; subconsciously or not. And lastly, you will believe it, and thus colonize and imprison yourself with this lie. Wake up, angel.

🌸 Every part of you is acceptable.

🌸 Live and love without abandon. Do you trust yourself enough to carry forward when you fall? Then you can throw yourself to the wind.

🌸 I don’t want a prince. I want a king.

🌸 Do not date for potential. Don’t put your life on pause for someone else. Someone out there is ripe and ready for you, as you are for them.

🌸 Some friends are here for a good time. Not. A long. Time. Enjoy and live the moments you have to the max.

🌸 “I choose to want what life gives me. I choose to want what’s in front of me right now. Warts and all.”

On the truth about love:

🌸 There are different flavors of love. I thought love only looked like the one thing I saw in media and Disney movies. No; there are so many different flavours, lights and hues. Every relationship is a different life in and of itself.

And it doesn’t matter what you call a relationship between two people. Labels are limiting, constraining, separative, and subjugated to social schemas. It’s a box. Love is a boundary-less, fluid energy that permeates and transcends invisible walls, barriers and lines. It doesn’t matter what you label your relationship. Does it feel good to let it flow? Let it be and let it breathe.

On following your soul:

🌸 The more aligned with what truly lit me up, the more I lived with abandon. My world exploded with synchronicities and abundance.

For example, I am currently paid less than minimum wage and live in Canada’s most expensive city–I really shouldn’t be able to afford the fundamental cost of living, never mind the dance classes I take. And yet somehow, I’ve always been able to make ends meet: I am invited to a gig; I find a bus ticket on the ground; someone buys my book; I find an accommodation just in time I am pushed to be nomadic; a friend is moving away and leaves behind extra food–somehow I am always being supplied coincidentally when I seem to need it, by a divine, infinite, benevolent source. Today, I still don’t know how to make ends meet financially. I don’t know what will come for me next, but I feel more at ease with my situation than I ought to logically be. I am provided just enough.

When I got into alignment, everything I needed was supplied. I can afford to wait and live without anxiety. 🤗

So write that book, sing that song, do that dance, buy that plane ticket, say YES to your soul…and watch yourself fly.

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What I’ve Been Working On BTS…

Come here to listen, to dance, to celebrate, to mourn, to spill, to rock yourself awake, to be, and taste the ectasy of all the magic that lies within you and harness it. You'll find stories to bring along with you during your day, peptalks that ignite your power, meditations that ground your soul into your body, and healing space for the heart. Get creative, get raw, and come soak up some solace and joy. Come return to a place of what we're born to do--humaning.
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